About Unity Communications

Unity Communications was first founded in late 2014 by providing website solutions to individuals at a fair price. Unity Communications expanded in 2016 to VPS servers. Unity Communications is vested in its customers to provide top quality hosting solutions where many companies have failed to do so in the past by overpromising disk space, bandwidth, and speed. We never oversell our servers to ensure top performance!

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Why Unity Commucations?

Our staff are certified System Administrators with at least 3 years of experience.

We're a REAL registered company in the US; paying taxes and insurance every month. There are many providers out that have their "own" network and claim to be companies by are nothing more than sole operators, some even under age.

Self-Service system - Reinstall, reboot, or change networking without support intervention.

Blazing speeds with 99.9% availability

All of our servers contain specially designed monitoring software that allows our staff to view our any of our server's health in an instant and address the issue. Our software also alerts our staff if the server has not responded for more than 5 seconds keeping downtime to a minimal.

Need help? Contact our friendly support team

24/7 US based support, Email us anytime.