What are some account basics?

Below are some necessary procedures and steps to use your new hosting account.

Username and Passwords: 
These are sent to you in the welcome email you received after your order was processed. These credentials can be used to access your FTP and website's cPanel. (Control Panel)

Once you've begun to DNS update to use our nameservers, it will take about 72 hours for all the worldwide DNS records to reflect the changes. We recommend you use the IP address until you can verify your website is being served from our servers. 

Access your Control Panel:

Your server's name will be sent via the welcome email. The server's information will be in the format of

"https://hostingserver.unityhosting.space:2083" (secure connection)

You can also access your webmail via:


Replace "hostingserver" with the actual server name assigned to your account via the welcome email.

You can upload the files you want to make accessible on the public web to the "public_html" folder. This can be done by accessing the "File Manager" within your control panel. 

DO NOT delete any files that have been created by the system or automatically by your account. Deleting these files may break your account, and it will need to be re-issued. 

If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support via the support ticket system within your control panel.

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