Where do I upload my website files?

Your account has both non-web accessible space and web accessible space. Your user's home directory (/home/USERNAME) contains many files that are used to operate your website. You can create new folders here to store data or information you do not want the world to see or know about. This is an excellent place to database connection files or other files that contain passwords or critical data. 

To upload your "homepage" or other website materials (The files you want to be visible on the web), upload that into the "public_html" directory. You can, of course, create subdirectories or files there as well that will be web accessible. 

A few "good to know" folders

/public_html - This is publicly accessible on the web and where you website files should go.
/public_ftp - Any files you want to be publicly accessible via FTP
/www - This is the same as your "public_html" directory.

WARNING - Do you delete any pre-existing files or folders you see in your home directory. This might break your hosting account and would require it to be re-issued. 

Please contact our support team if you have any questions via support ticket!

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